Welcome Back!

Dear friends,

We want to warmly welcome you back again to celebrate public Masses together.

Planning for the re-opening, while respecting the restrictions, is tricky . First of all, our space is reduced from 200 people in Little Flower Oratory to 33!! Added to that, we have no idea how many people will feel comfortable about returning to Masses.

We make one request of you. Please bear with us, especially in these first weeks of re-opening. If it’s not possible to attend on one day ⎯ because seating is limited ⎯ come on the following day. Little by little, over the weeks we will be able to monitor the numbers and find a way to ensure that you can attend Mass if not once a week, at least once a month.

Over-leaf you will find details of Mass times and locations.  If there are changes to this, we’ll let you know.  Thank you again for your patience.

May the Lord bless you and protect you

Fr. Michael and the ‘Return to Church’ steering group

Visiting the Little Flower Oratory

Churches have re-opened from Monday 29th June.  That means it will be possible to visit the Little Flower Oratory for prayer. It will be open from 9.30am to 12.30pm from Monday to Friday.


To protect those who would like to attend Mass, a number of regulations have to be followed:

  • Due to social distancing, the maximum number of people who can attend Mass in the Little Flower Oratory (LFO) is 33
  • Entering LFO has to be regulated, just like entering a supermarket. A team of parishioners have very kindly volunteered to steward.
  • After each Mass the seats have to be sanitised.  Again, this has been arranged.
  • On Sunday, the number of those who would like to attend Mass will be higher. So, neighbouring parishes have very kindly made their churches available to Holy Redeemer parishioners.

Mass times

10am – Monday, Wednesday and Friday – Little Flower Oratory

12 noon – Sunday – St. Fergal’s Church

6pm – Sunday – Queen of Peace

Since the LFO is restricted to 33 people, those who would like attend will be asked to limit attendance to one day per week. In this way, when the seating area is full, those who were not able to enter will be invited to come to Mass on the next occasion.

Likewise, those who have attended during the week will be asked not to attend on a Sunday, to leave room for those who are working or cannot attend during the week. Masses on Sunday will be celebrate in St. Fergal’s or Queen of Peace (see above).

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