When we speak of finance in a parish it is not unlike speaking about finance issues around our own homes.  There are costs associated with running a parish the size of Holy Redeemer just like the costs of maintaining a household.  This section of our website will help to explain what these costs are for us as a parish and how we are attempting to meet this fiscal challenge each year.

What are our costs?

We currently have 5 buildings on the campus of Holy Redeemer Church and so there are costs associated with each building.  These costs include: staffing, heat, light, cleaning, supplies, insurance, safety, maintenance, equipment.  There are also additional costs similar to these costs which apply to the parish grounds.

Where does our financial support come from?

The majority of our funding comes from the very generous contributions of our parishioners through the planned giving’programme.  This source of income is vital for the parish and we would encourage parishioners to contribute in this manner.  No amount is too small.  Every contribution helps enormously towards meeting the ever increasing annual financial challenge.  Other sources of income are; Donations, Bequeaths and 25% of Wedding/Funeral/Baptism stipends.

IMPORTANT:  Tax Relief

Under the finance act, there is a scheme of tax relief on donations to eligible charities.  Through this scheme it is possible for the Parish to claim PAYE back on contributions greater than 250 Euro made by a parishioner in a calendar year.  This scheme will not cost you anything extra but it would be of great financial benefit to the parish.  To avail of this scheme, your consent is needed.
If you have paid Income tax in the last calendar year and you are agreeable to co-operate with this scheme of reclaiming the Tax for the benefit of the Parish, then we would ask you to please contact the Parish Office at 2868413.
By agreeing to avail of this scheme, the Parish will benefit more from your generous annual contribution!
For last years financial overview please contact the parish office.