10.30am Side Chapel Mass

Children up to First Communion age meet every Sunday morning, during school term, with their Mums and Dads.

Explore the Gospel through songs, stories and games that the children can relate to.

We go on to the Altar during communion to join the main Congregation.

The group leads the congregation in singing the Our Father from the steps of the Altar.

12 Noon Adult Choir

The 12pm choir was established over sixty years ago and preserves a long tradition of choral singing in the Church of the Most Holy Redeemer, Bray. A number of choir directors and organists have been associated with this enthusiastic group of singers, including Leo O’Toole, Fr. Des Forrestal, the Murray family (including Seán P. Murray (Jack), Ciarán Murray and Rónán Murray, together with soprano Niamh Murray who joins the choir for Christmas), John Ivory, and Margaret Bridge.

Our current choral director is Philippa Bridge and the organist is Deirdre Powell. We sing from a wide-ranging repertoire dating from the 16th century to the present day. It also draws on well-known church hymns and choral works, such as Panis Angelicus and Ave Verum. We have performed on both radio and television, most recently as part of the combined choirs for the Christmas Eve Mass of 2008 on RTE One Television. The programme was a live broadcast from the Church of the Most Holy Redeemer.

We are a congenial group and welcome all adult age groups to the choir. An ability to read music is not necessary. We rehearse every Monday night from 8-9pm, sing at the 12pm Mass on Sundays (with the exception of the First Sunday of the month) and take a well-deserved break from singing during the months of July and August.

Altar Cloths & Linens

The group looks after the Purifiers, Linens and Altar cloths for the Church

They provide a weekly collection and laundering of linens

Dressing of the Altar on Sundays and weekdays and for special liturgies

Volunteers are rostered on once a month and new members are always welcome

Altar Servers

Serve alongside the Priest each Sunday Mass.

Serve at special Liturgies or on occasions such as weddings.

Serving during Mass gives children a sense of confidence, a better understanding of the Mass and an experience of being part of a team.

We are always happy to welcome new Altar Servers, so if you have made your First Communion and would like to join us please contact the parish office.

The Baptism Team

The Baptism Team represents the Christian Community of Holy Redeemer.

We accompany those who have chosen Baptism for their child.

We prepare meeting for Parents and Godparents where the Baptism Ceremony is explained with the use of symbols and prayer service.

We attend and assist Priest on day of Baptism.

We meet as a team once a month to discuss all Baptisms

We socialise together as a team.

Bray Community Helpers

The aim of Bray Community Helpers is to give ‘ Care in the Community ‘ to those who need help and support to those who don’t have anyone to help them.

Drivers - there are many people who need help with shopping, getting to church or doctor’s appointments.

Company - Others need someone who will visit to sit and chat and bring them out for a walk or a drive.

Odd Jobs - Others may need help with small jobs in the house or garden.

If you have any spare time and would like to become involved, please call to the Parish office.

Bray Gathering


The “Bray Gathering” began in 2010.

We believe in “Baptism in the Spirit” and Evangelisation.

Baptism in the spirit is a life giving transforming experience of the love of God the Father poured in to one’s heart by the Holy Spirit and received through the total surrender to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. This Grace brings alive sacramental Baptism and Confirmation.

It enkindles evangelistic fervour and equips person with charisma for service and mission.

We meet every Wednesday night in the Little Flower Hall from 8pm to 9:30pm.

Pope Francis in June 2015 called on all Schools Churches and Seminaries to plan life in the spirit seminars for all Catholics.


A Cantor leads the congregation in song during Mass.

Being a cantor involves making the assembly’s prayer possible through song.

The requirement of being a successful cantor includes a strong, singing voice, ability to encourage the people to join in the songs and dedication to the Ministry of Music.

The cantor has the responsibility for any songs or hymns that require solo passages, leading the assembly in a recurring refrain to be sung and inviting the assembly to join voices in hymns used throughout the Mass.

Catering Team

The catering team was established in 2009.

The team is made up of regular volunteers, and extra hands are available when and if necessary.

Events of around 300 people are catered for.

Hot or cold food is provided, depending on the type of event and the number of people attending.

The highlight of the calendar year is the Annual Summer “Holy Redeemer Feast Day” in July. It is for all members of the community.

The catering team are delighted to provide hospitality to community events and get great satisfaction from their role in the parish.

Ceoltoiri na hAislinge

We are a group of musicians and singers, from different musical backgrounds. We play sacred music with an Irish influence as well as traditional hymns and liturgical music.

We play twice a month at the 9am Aifreann Gaeilge and at other church events. Our practices are held every second Friday evening. If you would like further information about the group, please contact the parish office.

Childrens Choir


The children’s choir sing once a month at the 10:30am Mass during the school term.

They sing at First Communion Liturgy every year.

Practice once a week in the Parish centre.

If you have made your First Holy Communion and would like to join us please contact the Parish Office.

Church Cleaners Group


The Church cleaners group are a Voluntary “Team” who always welcome new members to help them.

The purpose of the group is to keep the Church clean once a week, they do this on a Wednesday for one hour.

The group say it’s not hard work, and they get a wonderful sense of satisfaction in seeing the Church looking clean.

The Lord did ask to spend “One Hour” with Him. What better way than to help keep His house clean.

Coffee Dock

The coffee Dock provides Tea and coffee to Parishioners on Sundays and on weekdays.

It creates a sense of community and welcome in Holy Redeemer.

On Sunday mornings it becomes a gathering place for families with young children after Mass.

It’s an important social venue and meeting place for weekday Mass attendees.

The coffee dock also provides a venue for families after Funerals to gather for refreshments.

Flower Group

The Flower group create all the beautiful floral arrangements and displays for Holy Redeemer.

They skilfully decorate the Church for Christmas and Easter and for all the special occasions in the liturgical year.

Through their work, they enhance and beautify our place of worship.

Folk Group

The current Holy Redeemer Folk Group was formed in May, 1997 and we sing each Sunday at the 10.30 Family Mass. Our repertoire consists of modern church music that has catchy melody, encourages participation from all and mixes lively tunes with the spiritual / reflective, catering for all needs and occasions.

In addition to Sunday Mass, the group also sings each year at the Purple House Cancer, Support Christmas Candlelight Service and at the Bray Lions Club annual Memorial Service.

During the past 10 years, we have also played a number of concerts in the church, raising over €20,000 for local charities.

Funeral Choir

The Funeral Choir is made up of members of our Church choirs along with some members of the congregation.

We are a voluntary choir set up around the early 90’s at the request of Fr. John O’Connell.

The Choir was founded to provide music for members of our Parish who may not have family or relatives to look after a funeral.

We provide a leaflet of well-known hymns to families to select the music they would like the choir to sing.

Greeting Ministers

The Greeting Ministers are there each Sunday to welcome Parishioners to Holy Redeemer with a smile.

Together they fold the Sunday Missalette and put them with the hymn sheets for distribution at each Mass.

At the end of the Mass, they then gather and reorganise the missalettes and hymn sheets.

Holy Redeemer Finances


The Finance team of Holy Redeemer primarily oversee the day to day running of the finances of the parish.

Advice is available for planning for the future.

The Finance team would not be able to operate without the high level of volunteers we have within our church we thank those who distribute dues envelopes, help with counting money and other day to day duties.

An integral part of the finances of Holy Redeemer are the collectors who turn up every Sunday and help with both collections at mass.

All of these volunteers take the pressure off the priests the parish.

Irish Choir

Come and hear us in what is the last mass in Irish in the deanery!

We sing at the 9am mass on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month.

Traditional hymns ‘as gaeilge’.

New voices always welcome, contact the parish office.

Lectio Divina

Our Lectio Divina Group meets on Tuesdays from 11am to 12 noon.

We read the Gospel for the following Sunday and reflect on the world.

We share what the word means for us.

This is a wonderful preparation for Sunday Mass as we are more alert to listen to the Gospel.

Little Flower Mass Hall

Children from 2nd Class upwards meet at the beginning of the 10:30am.

Mass in the Little Flower Hall every Sunday.

We sing, read the Gospel and see how it’s relevant to children’s lives.

We play Gospel related games and have a bit of fun.

We then join everyone in the main Church for Communion.

Ministers of the Eucharist

Ministers help with the distribution of Holy Communion in the Church at all Masses on Sundays, Holy days and weekdays.

Ministers bring Holy Communion to the Nursing Homes in the parish on Sundays and also on some weekdays, as arranged with each Nursing Home.

When requested, ministers also bring Holy Communion to those who are ill in their own homes, or to those who for any reason are unable to attend in church on Sundays.

They also help distribute ashes on Ash Wednesday, during Mass in the church and in the Nursing Homes.

All are welcome around the table of the Lord, and pre-communion children, and those who do not wish to receive the Eucharist for any other reason, may approach one of our Ministers for a blessing.

Ministers of the Word

In proclaiming the word of God, readers exercise their responsibility in mediating the presence of Christ.

The reader has responsibility for not simply reading the word, but assisting the assembly to hear the word.

The Ministers of the Word are one of Holy Redeemers largest Ministries.

Working on a rota basis, readers are rostered every couple of months to read at the weekday and Sunday masses.

Outreach Group

Outreach at Holy Redeemer

South Sudan Link

This year Sr. Orla Tracey has been talking to parishioners about her school in Rumbek, South Sudan. Below is a link to a video which gives a great insight into the lives and hopes of the girls in Sr. Orla’s school. The video is taken from the DVD documentary 'Mary Ward: Dangerous Visionary' which is available to purchase for €10. 


Mary Ward was a divinely inspired advocate of a radical new way of religious life for women, based on the apostolic model first set out by St Ignatius Loyola in the ...

Thank You! There was an overwhelming response to Sr. Orla’s request for donations. Holy Redeemer parishioners raised approximately €11,000. Below is a link to her update on Food Security which outlines how the money raised in Holy Redeemer has been used.

Please Click Here For Update

If you would to stay connected with Sr. Orla and receive her monthly newsletter you can contact her directly at [email protected].

Should you also wish to be become part of her monthly giving campaign you can do so by contacting her at this email address. 

Congratulations to Sr. Orla on receiving the the 2017 Hugh O' Flaherty International Humanitarian Award:

Parish Child Protection Team

The role of the Parish child protection team is to promote awareness of the Church’s child protection policies.

Ensure all parish activities and/or groups dealing with or involving children are compliant with parish child protection procedures.

Ensure that the public has ready access to contact details for the Diocesan Designated Person.

Ensure appropriate records are obtained and maintained.

Acts as Parish liaison officer between parishioners and the Diocese

Parish Funeral Team

Our funeral team was established in August 2010 and offers friendship and support to the bereaved family and friends.

The team members welcome members of the bereaved to the church. They ensure that they are comfortable, relaxed and assist them at both the removal and during the Requiem Mass.

The priests in our parish have encouraged us to contact and meet the family members of the bereaved in either the family home, funeral parlour or in the parochial house to assist them, their relations and friends to fully participate in the funeral.

We have a funeral booklet and we help family members choose readings, select symbols which would help them celebrate the deceased person’s life.

We have obviously witnessed some sad occasions over the years but we have also experienced positive reaction from many members of the bereaved families who have conveyed their thanks and appreciation to us for our input.

Parish Pastoral Council

The parish pastoral council is a leadership group through which priests and people work together as partners in furthering the mission of Christ in their own place. It does this through building up a vibrant Christian community that is rooted in baptism and marked by its faith, worship and service.

The council work closely with the Priests of the Parish in building a program of events to bring together the community of the parish to worship and socialise together.

The council members are there in an advisory capacity to assist the Priests and also to help to plan for the future.

Sacrament Parent Planning Team

Parent representatives liaise between the school and the Church to organise the Sacramental programmes.

The group meet to discuss and plan the “Do this in Memory” and “You shall be my witness” preparation masses.

Their involvement helps the children to participate fully and understand completely the Sacrament they are about to undertake.

They work closely with the Priests of the Parish, the School teachers and the Parish volunteers organising everything from readings to robes.

Sunday Sacristans

Opening and Closing of the Church 7 days a week

Preparing the Altar and Sanctuary for Masses and Sacraments

Looking after the Shrines throughout the Church

Stock control and ordering of supplies

Supporting the Priests of the Parish in various duties

The First Sunday Choir

The First Sunday Choir sings at 12:00 Mass on the first Sunday of each month and on other occasions, such as 12:00 on Christmas Day and Easter Sunday and at the Ceremony of the Lord’s Passion on Good Friday.

The choir specialises in the great Latin music of the Church. It also gives occasional concerts under the name of the Church of the Most Holy Redeemer Singers.

If you are interested in joining and you have a reasonable voice and can read music, please contact the Parish office.

The Organists

The organists provides music for all of our religious services and liturgies.

Music is a very important part of our Parish life here in Holy Redeemer.

Our organists add greatly to our liturgies at week-end Masses, funerals and on special occasions during the year.

The Youth Centre

The Holy Redeemer Parish Youth Centre is a safe place for 12-16 year olds to meet and hang out and today we have over 70 members who enjoy each other’s company and friendship. The Supervisions Aoife, Yvonne, Vicky, Carol, and Eoin provide excellent leadership and guidance and the feedback from members is very favourable.

The Youth Centre opening hours and programme is as follows;

Wednesday Afternoons: 1.30pm – 5.30 pm

The Centre provides a safe homework / study space for the first two hours and then board games or other activities or just hanging out to chat and listen to music for the second two hours.

Fridays: 6pm - 9 pm

Our Friday ‘Event Night’ is proving to be very popular with members. To-date we have had a bingo night, a film night, a quiz night with lots more to come. We even provided the infamous pizza. We also have live music from time to time on Fridays.

Saturdays: 1pm - 5 pm

Saturday afternoons are also very popular. They are mainly designed as chill time’ when members just relax, listen to music, play games or just hang out with old friends and make new ones.

Weekday Morning Sacristans


There is a selection of volunteers that look after Sacristy in the evening.

Opening and Closing of the Church 7 days a week

Preparing the Altar and Sanctuary for Masses and Sacraments

Looking after the Shrines throughout the Church

Stock control and ordering of supplies

Supporting the Priests of the Parish in various duties