Youth Centre Opening Hours:

Wednesdays:                     3pm to 5pm                         

Fridays:                               6pm – 9pm (Event Night)

Saturdays:                          1pm to 5pm


Pope John Paul II Awards

Through the Pope John Paul II Award, young people will be enabled to take an active part in the life of their Church, in the life of their community and society and also become more aware of the teaching and role of the Catholic Church in the world. This will enable young people to engage at a deep level with Christ, whose body the Church is.

It will allow young people to understand that religion and faith is not just for learning, nor is it a list of rules, but that it is for living. We in the parish of Holy Redeemer pray that many young people will be touched through this programme by the love of Christ.

What exactly do I do to earn an Award?

You earn your Award by taking part in activities through each of these key areas:

1) Parish Involvement

2) Social Awareness  (More Info Below)

3) Preparation of a final Presentation.

Who is the Award for?

  • Students in 4th Year
  • Students in full-time education who have completed Junior Certificate
  • Students in Transition Year
  • Anyone between the age of 16 and 18, not in post-primary education
  • The award is non-competitive, flexible and voluntary and requires an ongoing commitment.

How many Awards are there?

There are four Awards: The Papal Cross, Gold, Silver and Bronze. (see document below)

How do I enrol in the Award?                                                  

Download an application form from the website ( or pick one up at the Parish Office. You should then return the completed form with the enrolment fee to the Parish Office.