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From Monday 29th June Churches re-open. So it will be possible to visit the Little Flower Oratory for prayer. It will be open from 9.30am to 12.30pm from Monday to Friday.

Mass Times

10am           Monday, Wednesday and Friday      Little Flower Oratory

12 noon     Sunday                                                      St. Fergal’s Church

6pm            Sunday                                                       Queen of Peace

To Protect those who would like to attend  Mass, a number of regulations have to be followed:

Due to social distancing, the maximum number of people who can attend Mass in the Little Flower Hall is 33.

Entering the Little Flower Hall Oratory has to be regulated, just like entering a supermarket. A team of Parishioners have very kindly volunteered to steward.

After each Mass the seats will be sanitised.     


Mass Cards On-Line

St. Mary’s Pro Cathedral is now taking orders for Mass cards on line and over the phone.

Mass cards can be ordered by phone on  089 2469414. Or by emailing your mass card order and details to [email protected]

When you receive confirmation you can make a donation through their website,



Have been delivered to Parish households. Please return to the Parish Office, The Presbytery located behind the Church, through the letter box.



On the home page you will see “Parish Draw 2020” on the left side of the page Under LATEST. Click it and the video will begin.

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